The Hidden Message from your Chakra


If you picked ...
RED - You are ready to create a solid foundation
ORANGE - Use emotions to guide you not run you
YELLOW - The time is now to set your plan in motion
GREEN - Is your heart pulling at you?
BLUE - What in you needs to express yourself?
PURPLE - Family issues are currently shaping your future
NEUTRAL - You can fully tap into your universal message now


If you picked ...
RED - You may need to get clear on what you stand for
ORANGE - Your feelings are dictating what you need to learn
YELLOW - Your thoughts may create upset - what can you learn from this?
GREEN - Your heart is yearning for something? What is it?
BLUE - You must learn that how you occur in the world as a reflection of who you are.
PURPLE - You are a teacher, and are here to share your journey emotionally to change lives
NEUTRAL - You know these is a message you are here to express. What will it take for you to do it?


If you picked ...
RED - You are facing the tearing down of structures to rebuild
ORANGE - Your physical body is sending you and those around you a message. What is it?
YELLOW - Structure can be sexy. Are you ready to own your personal plan?
GREEN - There is a strong sense of right and wrong in you. Stand tall in that wisdom.
BLUE - Truth is truth. You have ZERO tolerance for mixed messages.
PURPLE - You are an old soul and it is time to update your thinking.
NEUTRAL - Grounding means practice what you preach, are you heeding this message?