Get Access to Over 8 Hours of Unreleased Audio Recordings from Tori on All 49 Cards in the Chakra Wisdom Deck

“Chakra Wisdom Essentials”

Learn never before released insider tips on how to read the cards - and avoid misinterpreting them

Dear Intuitive Friend,

Have you ever bought a deck of cards, excitedly opened it for your first reading, and gotten so confused by what you received that you put that deck on the shelf, never to be used again?

It's happened to me - it's happened to everyone!


Well, as hard as we try, what can be published in the little book that comes with the deck is, well, limited.

In every deck, there's a depth - a meaning - that is possible when you really understand the source of the cards.

Without this, it's easy to misinterpret the meanings of the cards, feel insecure about what you’re finding, or simply not understand the deeper message right in front of you.

But with Chakra Wisdom Essentials - the perfect companion to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards - this won't happen to you!

Before we get started, I wanted to let you know that Chakra Wisdom Essentials is for you if you are...

  • Frustrated that the meaning of the cards are not clear
  • Worried that you may be missing the real message the card is sending you
  • Confused when a reversal appears and you don’t know what it means
  • Discouraged at times when you don’t know the answer
  • Unsure how to read a card without looking at a book
  • Defeated because you don’t know the insider secrets to tap into your own wisdom as you do readings

Imagine opening the shrink wrap on your brand new deck...ahhh …

You can’t wait to look at them!  You want the magic to jump out at you… but it’s confusing and complicated. In fact, the book with the deck offers little for you to really sink your teeth into. Once again, who has time? Another deck on the shelf of someday.

As I’ve worked with the Chakra Wisdom Oracle fables in the last 25 years, I’ve found that when we get discouraged and frustrated with a deck, we never go back to it - and if we do - it never really has the same excitement attached to it. This is important to pay attention to because you will never gain traction or progress on the results you desire.

It’s mind-blowing to think that something a simple as not really understanding the meaning of a card can cause everything to come to a halt. That’s why I went into the studio and recorded over 14 hours of material which includes EACH card in the Chakra Wisdom Card Deck.

I am completely committed to supporting you in understanding and seeing the deeper meaning in the cards and learning how to really tap into your intuition in ways you haven’t ever done before.

Now imagine...

  • Learning where you get stopped in readings, and where you quit so you’ll know how to keep going.
  • Seeing how the deeper meaning in the cards are right in front of you
  • Knowing how the Chakra Wisdom cards can change your perception from discouragement to inspiration

My name is Tori Hartman and in my mid-20s I had a near-death experience that resulted in Angels visiting me.

These different Angels would tell me their stories and I would write them down. Truthfully, an Angel wouldn’t go away until I wrote down their story the way they told it to me.

Unbeknownst to me, all of 49 these fables came to me because I was uniquely qualified to receive them. These 49 fables are the basis for the 49 Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards.


In my Chakra Wisdom Essentials audio program (where I explain each of the 49 cards in detail), I go through many of the misinterpretations people have, and provide clarity for situations where a reading has gone in a scary direction to bring you back to finding inspiration in your readings.

How to Get Detailed Information on All 49 Cards in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck.

People have been begging me to reveal this information, so I recently sat down in the studio and recorded a massive 14-hour brain dump containing everything I know about all 49 cards.

The result is called Chakra Wisdom Card Essentials. In this unreleased, new material I reveal...

  • Lessons learned during my 25-year journey working with the original fables that the angels brought to me after her near-death experience
  • Specific, updated individual messages for reversals of all 49 cards
  • New Intuitive strategies to see deeper into each card
  • Inspirational messages hidden inside each card
  • Secrets to tap into your own wisdom as you do readings
  • Insights into the chakras that will reveal your life path
  • Imagine learning how to read all 49 cards without looking at a book

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